Photo 01-07-2017, 18 17 39I work in kinetic theory applied to the study of emergent phenomena in biology, medicine and social sciences using partial differential equations, probability, numerical simulations and modelling.

I am a Research Associate in Mathematics at Imperial College London in Pierre Degond‘s project: Macroscopic dynamics and bifurcations of active particle systems.

  • Starting as a Lecturer in Mathematics at the University of Sussex from January 2018.
  • Former Master student Thomas Tardiveau (jointly mentored with Pierre Degond) wins a prize from the French Academy of Science for our joint work on social dynamics.
  • ‘Collective dynamics and self-organization in biological sciences’ conference at the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS, Edinburgh), 30 April-4 May 2018. (On construction)
My research for a broader audience in this video co-produced with Sameer Patel: ‘DESCRIBING PATTERNS’.
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