Days on PDEs 2011


Link to the conference here.

The aim of this international conference is to have every year an overview of the most striking advances in PDEs. Moreover, a 6h course by a first class mathematician will be given. Another important role of this conference is to promote young researchers. The organization participates in particular to the local expanses of PhD students and postdocs. Let us finally mention that the proceedings of this conference are published since 1974.

Mini course (6h):
Cédric Villani (Université de Lyon)
“Régularité du transport optimal et géométrie riemannienne lisse et non lisse”

Hajer Bahouri (Paris 12)
Massimiliano Berti (Naples)
Nicolas Burq (Paris XI)
Benoît Desjardins (ENS Paris)
Benjamin Dodson (Berkeley)
Rupert Frank (Princeton)
Camille Laurent (Ecole Polytechnique)
Michel Ledoux (Toulouse)
Claudio Munoz (Bilbao)
Stéphane Nonnenmacher (CEA Saclay)
Felix Otto (Institut Max Planck, Leipzig)
Igor Rodnianski (Princeton)
Frédéric Rousset (Rennes)
Benjamin Schlein(Bonn)