Education and advice

We make a better world for our kids by making better kids for our world, and we achieve this through education.


 In this section:

  • A guide on good study habits and tips on writing a report.
  • Useful quotes for teacher and students.
  • The right attitude towards learning.


Study habits. Having good study habits is fundamental for every undergraduate student. Here is a short guide that I co-authored with Amalio Fernández-Pacheco (University of Cambridge): GOOD_STUDY_HABITS.pdf

Writing a math report. In this document you will find some tips. Guide to write a report.pdf


From the book “Marva Collins’s Way. Returning to Excellence in Education”:

Without the right attitude, everything else is wasted.
If you cannot make a mistake, you cannot make anything.
Transform anything into a learning experience.
The more succesful a person becomes, the harder he or she has to work to stay there.
The thoughts and ideas in your head make you what you are.
If you believe in what you do, then you don’t ever have to fear anyone.
Address a fault without ever attacking a child’s character. Who they are is always separate and distinct from what they do.
People’s ideas actually tell you how they feel about themselves.


The right attitude towards learning in this Ted Talk: