Teaching experience


  • Supervision of IB Mathematical Tripos ’Markov Chains’ approx. 13 students from King’s, Murray Edwards and Downing College, (2012-2013), approx. 10 students from Churchill and Pembroke College (2011-12).
  • ’Markov Chains through examples’ crash course for PhD students. Two hours lecture.


Daily supervision of students.

  • Sophie Hecht (PhD): Growth and maturation of organs, epithelial tissue. Supervisors: Jean-Paul Vincent (Francis-Crick Institute, London) and Pierre Degond (Imperial College London).
  • Marina Ferreira (PhD): Tumour growth by packing constraints. Packing problems in epithelial tissue. Supervisor: Pierre Degond (ICL).
  • Thomas Tardiveau (BSc at Ecole Polytechnique, Paris): Opinion dynamics with symmetric and asymmetric interaction kernels. Macroscopic equations. Supervisor: Pierre Degond (ICL), 2016.
  • Lifan Xuan (MSc Applied Mathematics at ICL): Modelling capillary formation under chemical signals. Supervisors: Pierre Degond and Benjamin Aymard (ICL), 2016.

Lifan Xuan, MSc student (Imperial College London), 2016.


Thomas Tardiveau, BSc student, École Polytechnique, 2016.